We are currently in the midst of a massive development for the local primary school community. Kennedy Builders are constructing a 1000 square-metre, multi purpose, flexible learning facility as an extension of the Library at Sacred Heart Primary.

This new learning centre will cater for the Year 5 and Year 6 children, and with its open plan design it is a cutting-edge facility to engage with the future of our community. Through the use of retractable walls and brilliant architecture this centre allows for both large group learning and smaller-group areas.

Separated by a 300mm step in floor level, the 2 rooms are joined by an access ramp to allow for total access regardless of mobility. The new facility has 2 raised ceiling areas, lined with windows to allow a massive amount of natural light into the rooms.

Once completed the new building will blend seamlessly into the contemporary design of the school. Despite being built during school terms, construction is taking place with no disruption to classes and minimal disruption to the school day as a whole.