Merriwa Park is located in the Wangaratta CBD, and the existing toilet block was in a state of disrepair. Being located quite prominently in the town, the presence of the dilapidated facility was somewhat of an eyesore for the City of Wangaratta.

By conducting a full renovation to the existing building and constructing a large deck and bike parking area, we have helped the Rural City of Wangaratta to make this area something that the town can be proud of in looks and function. With the ever growing environmental conscience of society, this Bike Hub is aimed at encouraging people to ride or walk to work from home, with comfortable and clean facilities for showering and ample secure bike storage.

The facility now hosts a Male and Female toilet and shower facilities, as well as 2 Ambulant toilets with shower facilities. We built a large deck and outdoor bike parking facilities, as well as an indoor bike locking area for those who wish to leave a bike there for the duration of the work day.

The redeveloped facility now creates an eye-catching entrance to Merriwa Park and the Wangaratta CBD, and is complimentary to the aesthetic of the surrounds.